Yes Your Attitude Matters

Attitude-is-everythingZig Ziglar said it best, “Your Attitude determines your Altitude.” That sentiment hasn’t changed, that’s right, your attitude matters.

I was listening to a podcast and the presenter said that the former 6 degrees of separation is now 3 degrees. Let that sink in for a minute. With the use of social media, apps, and shared information, a bad experience can turn into a nightmare. You’ve seen the Facebook posts, tweets and youtube videos of other’s bad experiences, rude customer service and all around poor business practices.

Don’t be one of them.Be one of the few, that receives raving reviews from customers and fans who were wowed by your service and professionalism.

Now, I know that sometimes, we have a right to have a bad attitude. Maybe a rude customer or a personal situation has hijacked your day and your thoughts. At those times, remember why you started your business, and if you’re having a bad day,  acknowledge it—but don’t bring others into it:

1. Take a deep breath before you respond

2. Use social media restraint. Type a message and reread it before you posts.

3. Get enough rest

4. Read books or listen to podcasts before you go to work to help you get in a positive frame of mind

5. Think like an athlete—if they miss shots, cause fouls or just make terrible plays, they have to get their heads back in the game quickly. Don’t waste time replaying the mistake, just start fresh.

5. Pray, yes, I still agree with MC Hammer: You’ve got to pray just to make it today!

Your attitude matters and could make a difference in someone’s life today, starting with your own.


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