Using a 30 Day Challenge to Finish Strong

Thirty must be my number for the year. I didn’t intentionally decide to use a 30 day challenge to help me finish this year strong. Initially, I committed to 30 days of mastering my to-do list and recently completed my whole30 diet. Each of those 30 day increments were harder at the beginning. The idea of finishing strong was no where in sight. After about two weeks, I started getting in a rhythm with the changes.

The biggest thing I learned–it’s easy to form habits. A few weeks of having ice cream after work, or keeping your to-do list in your mind leads to your brain forming a habit. On Whole30, I realized most of things that I ate weren’t really food or weren’t healthy combinations. Most of my eating was a result of emotional eating or a developed habit. Changing those habits, helped me to monitor my course in those areas.

I’ve read several studies on the “30-day” challenges technique, and there are some scientists that believe that you can’t form a new habit in that length of time. It’s more than starting a new habit, it’s about what you learn while you’re on the journey.

Imagine if you decided to replace negative comments with positive comments, or add 30 minutes of uninterrupted family time in your hectic schedule. You may not make it a habit initially, but what you’d learn during that time will encourage you to continue those actions in some way. Isn’t that better than not trying to try anything new at all?

There are several lists of 30-day challenges you can try. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Eliminate sugar
  2. Read for 30 min daily
  3. Walk for 30 minutes daily
  4. Add 1 hour of margin in your daily schedule for a hobby or business venture you’ve been thinking about.
  5. Blog or vlog everyday for 30 days

Which 30-day challenge will you try to finish your year strong? Need a little more help?┬áHere’s a Forbes list of 15 unique 30 Day Challenges.


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  1. Roland Hairston | 2017-06-17 at 8:44 pm | Reply

    Thanks for this post Kris! This is a helpful reminder.

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